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Reviews of Thanksgiving! From Eden to Eternity in 100 words a day

All reviews posted with permission. Thanksgiving is a time when we all give thanks for the things we have whether no matter how large or how small. The most precious gift I feel to give thanks for is good health and of course the love of your family and friends. Words are powerful. They can encourage your to soar or they can make you feel sad. They can tear you apart when they are meant to be mean or cruel or they can redeem you when you repent or say you are sorry. Whether it is one word or a thousand it does not matter as long as the messenger sends it and the recipient understands and gets it. In her book Thanksgiving! From Eden to Eternity in 100 Words a day author Sheila Deeth reaches out to young people of all ages to help them understand the true meaning of giving thanks and the wonders of the Bible by creating a 30 day calendar for the month of November with each day bearing the name of something important that happened when God decided to create this beautiful world for us t

Reviews of Easter! Creation to Salvation in 100 words a day

All reviews posted with permission. This book is a must for Sunday school teachers, children, teenagers, and all of those seeking answers to so many of life’s myriad questions. Highlighted by wonderful color illustrations, Sheila Deeth has captured verses from the Bible and given them new life. Every page teaches us a lesson, asks us to question and correct our ways, and finally leads us to follow the good road. An excellent gift and a book you’ll want as a part of your permanent library. Ann B. Keller Author of BRIGGEN, The Devil's Crescent and Crenellations Available through and This clever little book takes the reader on a quick trip thru Old and New Testaments from the creation in Genesis to Easter Sunday as revealed by St. John. The language is concise yet colorful, cleverly executed in exactly 100 words (a drabble) per entry, each of 47 days. The stories reveal lessons applicable to modern living. Some are so modern, if you aren't familiar with cert

Reviews of Christas! Genesis to Revelation in 100 words a day

All reviews posted with permission. Sheila Deeth leads us into Christmas with Genesis and so many Old Testament stories, lovingly illustrated and told in a style that all can understand. The reader is brought into the lush and beautiful garden of Eden, through Babylon, to the tales of Joseph and Moses, on into the promised land, the land of milk and honey, where a wandering people found a home and David became king. How incredible it must have been for young Mary to be visited by a light that was neither angel nor man, for Joseph to bring his very pregnant wife to Bethlehem and there, bring forth the Christ child, the new light of the world. This is the perfect accompaniment for Sunday school lessons and for youth seeking answers in the Bible’s teachings. Ann B. Keller Author of BRIGGEN, The Devil's Crescent and Crenellations Available through and It starts with how the planets and the earth came to be and the questions of a child as to why the fruit of a tre

Reviews of A Bible Book of Numbers

All reviews posted with permission. This is special book of numbers that starts with the number zero and works its way up infinity. Just how this happens you will learn by reading this great book. Starting with Zero our author reminds us before there was God there was nothing? Instead of her usual lesson learned created questions that children might want answered after reading the short explanation about the number or chapter heading and its meaning. The number one reminds us that there is one God and there will always be only one and that he is everywhere and in everything. Two people to look after his garden but since they broke it cannot live there anymore. Questions children might ask as to why this happened and more follow this. The explanation as to why and how God made the world in 6 days and rests of the seventh are followed by questions that remind us that even though he is resting on the seventh day the author lets us know he is always watching over us. Why ten is a good cou

Reviews of A Bible Book of Colors

All reviews posted with permission. What a great way to teach children colors and the understanding at the same time. How we came to have darkness and how God created light and the rain and wet gray earth. Each page teaches the meaning behind a color and the significance that color plays in the creation of our world and its meaning. God lived with the people in the light until they disobeyed him and had to once again live in the dark. This tells the reader that the colors are gift from God and you need to earn them and listen and obey him to have the light. But, when God restored the colors after sending in a flood to do away with the darkness, he created the most beautiful of all sights: A Rainbow. I love rainbows and the colors are so perfect: Red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, dark blue, and purple. A rainbow to remind us that he loves us. But, when she tells how he gave the priests medallions and twelve precious jewels and their descriptions how brilliant of the author to expl

Reviews of Genesis People

All reviews posted with permission. How I wish I had found Genesis People when my boys were young! I searched in vain for Bible stories which were explained simply without being simplistic and “tinny”. Sheila Deeth captures the individuals in Genesis in a way that honors the minor characters as well as the well-known “heroes”. I imagined my boys identifying the children described in her story of Tower of Babel, while also becoming fascinated with her implied ramifications. I used each page as a devotional, often thinking, “Does Genesis really say that?” Being drawn to look up the text, I found that Deeth shed light on aspects of the passage which I never noticed before. Finally, her prayers pull the stories into the present and quietly place the focus on God’s everlasting love which spans from creation to today. Ginna Vickory St. Gabriel’s Episcopal Church I am in awe of author Sheila Deeth's storytelling talent of creating fact-based stories capable of entertaining both the