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Sheila Deeth leads us into Christmas with Genesis and so many Old Testament stories, lovingly illustrated and told in a style that all can understand. The reader is brought into the lush and beautiful garden of Eden, through Babylon, to the tales of Joseph and Moses, on into the promised land, the land of milk and honey, where a wandering people found a home and David became king. How incredible it must have been for young Mary to be visited by a light that was neither angel nor man, for Joseph to bring his very pregnant wife to Bethlehem and there, bring forth the Christ child, the new light of the world. This is the perfect accompaniment for Sunday school lessons and for youth seeking answers in the Bible’s teachings.
Ann B. Keller
Author of BRIGGEN, The Devil's Crescent and Crenellations
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It starts with how the planets and the earth came to be and the questions of a child as to why the fruit of a tree was forbidden. It continues with the story of Noah and how Joseph was sold and how he was welcomed home.

The importance of the ten commandments, the slaying of Goliath and David crowned as King of Israel and the plight of Daniel help enlighten the reader and help them learn more about the book of Genesis and the eventual birth of the Christ child by Mary in Bethlehem as her husband Joseph brings her there creating a new light in our world.

Reading about the destruction of the Temple and the questions asked by the children of the grandfather and his complaints help make the story more enjoyable for children to love and read. Stories 28-31 tell what finally happens to the child and his fate. The thirty- first story of the last day of December as this book is also a calendar of 31 days of events that helped create our world using the December Calendar days. I love the ending where God says that he is not a symbol and wants to be called by his name.

We calculated dates and times, as the author states, neglected wisdom and love. Once again numbers play an important part in her books as it does in the ending of the last story: 7 for God’s plan, 2 for trust, 3 for God, 4 for earth, 10 for man and 12 for the chosen.

Thank you Sheila for giving us another reason to embrace the words of God and understand Genesis to the Revelation in 100 words a day.
Fran Lewis
author of the Bertha Series of books

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