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FIVE MINUTE BIBLE STORY SERIES from Cape Arago Press Genesis People: Read-aloud stories and simple prayers bring the Bible, science and history to life, based on familiar and not so familiar characters in the book of Genesis. Available from Amazon and Amazon UK Exodus Tales: More read-aloud stories and prayers, based on events in the second book of the Bible. Available from Amazon and Amazon UK Joshua's Journeys: Read-aloud stories and prayers, based on events from Exodus to Joshua in the Bible Available from Amazon and Amazon UK Psalm Stories and More Psalm stories: A collections of 150 read-aloud stories - contemporary, historical and fantasy tales based on the book of Psalms - ideal for children's sermons or family bed-time prayers. Available from Amazon ( more ) and Amazon UK ( more ) ILLUSTRATED DRABBLE CALENDAR/GIFT BOOKS Christmas! Genesis to Revelation in 100 words a day. Puts the whole Bible b