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What IF...Studies: Inspired by Faith and Science

Who am I? Follow my BIBLE STUDY BLOG to see what I'm working on... I am a Catholic, Methodist, Church of England, Free Evangelical, Presbyterian (USA), Christian reformed Christian, so maybe I should just call myself a mongrel. But I am a very committed Christian. I'm also a rather well-qualified mathematician, with a particular interest in mathematical astronomy. I like science. I like history. And I sincerely believe God speaks to us through them both as well as through the Bible. If any of the three seem to disagree with each other, I'm convinced we need to look more closely at them all. The aim of my Bible Studies: To keep the emphasis on the Bible. To remember God’s word is always more important than my interpretation. To be ready to encourage people to read the Bible and hear God’s word, rather than risk them rejecting what God says because of man’s word. My interpretation may be valuable to me, but it’s God’s word that might make a difference to my neighbor.


5 Minute Reads Judah, from Genesis People: On Ilkley Moor, from Psalm Stories: Painting Inside the Lines, from More Psalm Stories: The Running Boy, from Exodus Tales: The Boy Who Played With Fire, from Joshua's Journeys: Learning About Fire, from More Psalm Stories: Mary Has A Baby Boy, from Bethlehem's Baby: The Lost Coin, from Nazareth Neighbors:  ht

Reviews of Inspired by Faith and Science books

If you've written a review of one of my books and would like me to include it here, please let me know. I love hearing from readers. All quotes from reviews used with permission. CHILDREN'S STORIES Excerpts from reviews of Genesis People : Imagine a group of children sitting mesmerized when learning about the Creation of the World. (Fran Lewis, author of the Bertha Series of books) How I wish I had found Genesis People when my boys were young! (Ginna Vickory) I think they would have understood the verses better and had fun (Gina Carn) Adults will also see with new eyes and understanding. (Myrna De Mots, preschool teacher) ...fact-based stories capable of entertaining both the young and old alike. (Joyce Bergstrom) Writing with spiritual stimulation from true Bible stories, Deeth exercises “holy imagination” and takes us on a journey with fresh insights into biblical characters, their original surroundings and God’s heart for his people and the whole of creation. (Ca