Reviews of Easter! Creation to Salvation in 100 words a day

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This book is a must for Sunday school teachers, children, teenagers, and all of those seeking answers to so many of life’s myriad questions. Highlighted by wonderful color illustrations, Sheila Deeth has captured verses from the Bible and given them new life. Every page teaches us a lesson, asks us to question and correct our ways, and finally leads us to follow the good road. An excellent gift and a book you’ll want as a part of your permanent library.
Ann B. Keller
Author of BRIGGEN, The Devil's Crescent and Crenellations
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This clever little book takes the reader on a quick trip thru Old and New Testaments from the creation in Genesis to Easter Sunday as revealed by St. John. The language is concise yet colorful, cleverly executed in exactly 100 words (a drabble) per entry, each of 47 days. The stories reveal lessons applicable to modern living. Some are so modern, if you aren't familiar with certain Bible stories, you might not realize the reference. But Bible references are given for each drabble, so they can be looked up for those who want to know the Old or New Testament source. The illustrations for each day,every page are little gems of art in themselves, cleverly drawn by the author using a computer mouse. Knowing her method contributed to my enjoyment of the little book. Good for adults and teens, and for parents to read to children under 10, with some explanation probably needed.
Siobhan Harkin

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