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How I wish I had found Genesis People when my boys were young! I searched in vain for Bible stories which were explained simply without being simplistic and “tinny”. Sheila Deeth captures the individuals in Genesis in a way that honors the minor characters as well as the well-known “heroes”. I imagined my boys identifying the children described in her story of Tower of Babel, while also becoming fascinated with her implied ramifications. I used each page as a devotional, often thinking, “Does Genesis really say that?” Being drawn to look up the text, I found that Deeth shed light on aspects of the passage which I never noticed before. Finally, her prayers pull the stories into the present and quietly place the focus on God’s everlasting love which spans from creation to today.
Ginna Vickory
St. Gabriel’s Episcopal Church

I am in awe of author Sheila Deeth's storytelling talent of creating fact-based stories capable of entertaining both the young and old alike. She enlivens Biblical characters and events with rich knowledge and insight, enticing the reader to read more. Imaginative and praiseworthy.
Joyce Bergstrom
St. Pius X Catholic Church

Writing with spiritual stimulation from true Bible stories, Deeth exercises “holy imagination” and takes us on a journey with fresh insights into biblical characters, their original surroundings and God’s heart for his people and the whole of creation. When you finish, you are glad that these stories are your and my beginnings because God is a part of them and we want to hear more. Deeth helps us see that God has always been among us as the primary player from earliest beginnings.
Carl Leep, Pastor
Oak Hills Christian Reformed Church

I wished I had had something like these stories to read to my Sunday School children when teaching them years ago. I think they would have understood the verses better and had fun with your imaginative mind and stories. Your stories are very descriptive and quite interesting. They have given me a little different perspective on things, or should I say, even view, which allows me to visualize what life may have been like back then.
Gina Carn

The people of Genesis come alive in Sheila Deeth's retelling of their stories. Children will enjoy hearing or reading for themselves her thoroughly researched and creative writing. The brief prayer following each story adds meaning and beauty.
Corinne Bosch
Church Librarian and former teacher

These stories help our children know the truth, with no need to shrink back from questions. Especially now, in our time, we need these accounts of what may be our own ancestral history, whether by blood or by adoption.
Candace Weber
church musician and piano teacher

Sheila Deeth catches the imagination of her young readers, not with fairy tale or myth like stories, but with stories of real life and real people. The ancient "Genesis People" emerge with possible emotions, thoughts and actions that "round out" the lives of people we thought we knew. Adults will also see with new eyes and understanding.
Myrna De Mots
preschool teacher

In 'Genesis People', author Sheila Deeth places the lives and actions of biblical characters into clear and proper perspective, as she succeeds in revealing the element of humanity that is sometimes overlooked in scripture. The stories are very well written and thoughtful, and reflect the author's in-depth understanding of the Bible.

Naturally Ms. Deeth begins with the tale of Creation; how God's will and Word was the source of everything before and after the earth was spoken into existence; and that of all God's creations, mankind was at the heart of His intentions. About this Ms. Deeth writes: "When everything was ready, God made his final creature, the one that he'd been planning on right from the start."
G. B. Rodriguez
Author of Vengeance: The Wrath of Angels

Imagine a group of children sitting mesmerized when learning about the Creation of the World. How amazing that would be! Imagine the same children listening and asking questions as they hear the stories for the first time in the Book of Genesis told in a unique and exciting manner. Imagine your child or your Sunday School Bible class asking questions and wanting to hear and learn more. Why imagine it! Read Genesis People by Sheila Deeth and your child will not only listen but want to hear more and more. Imagine your child wanting to read these stories over and over again. I did.

For any child that has trouble reading the Bible and any parent who wants to stimulate an interest in learning about the book of Genesis this book is perfect. Each story is written in the form of a fairytale explaining and telling about some famous and not so famous people in the first book of the Bible.

These stories are well written, they hold the reader's interest and they are factual and yet entertaining. Reading about how the serpent tricked Adam and Eve into eating the forbidden fruit and blaming it on Eve was one way to foster a discussion as to why bad things happen and why we have to hunt or buy our food.

Reading about Rachel and Leah the two sisters who married the same man and the problems it caused and how it hurt their relationship and the downfall of Cain and Abel reminded the reader that arguments happen in families today and relationships between brothers and brothers and sisters and sisters are precious and yet fragile.

Each of the short stories teaches a lesson in values, morals and believing in one God. The descriptions of the land and those who abused their wealth and power teaches us that no one is immune from God's power and decisions.

I loved the story of the Tower Builders and how the town wanted to build a tower up to heaven and all of the trouble that caused in the village and among the people. Sounds like real life where people can't seem to get along and live in the same country because of their differences in beliefs and religious ideals.

Every story teaches a different lesson in life. Every story can be read separately or in groups when speaking about the same person. These are great for Sunday School discussions with both adults and children. These stories are great for children in schools that teach religion and want the students to write a response of their own or perhaps a letter to the person in that story telling what they think they should have done instead of what they did if it was not the right thing or followed their trust in God.

The story of Lot was my favorite. Not listening to what God said cost Sarah her life. Many of these stories had the people moving from place to place because God told them to. Many had to deal with being a second wife, or not the most important child in the family.

Potiphar had to learn just how greedy his wife was and that she really did not love him, just his wealth. There are so many issues that are written about in each of these great stories that relate to the world not just during the creation but today as well.

The best part of each story was the ending where the author restates the purpose of the story by thanking God for what they learned and what he did for them to keep them safe and more.

As Sheila states "In the beginning God created people to be his friends. But, first we had to learn to be friends. We learned friends value each other. They listen to each other and care for each other.
Thank you God for choosing us and letting us know that you love us.
Thank you Sheila for writing these amazing stories that are not only informative, fun to read but also inspiring.
Fran Lewis
author of the Bertha Series of books

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