Reviews of Thanksgiving! From Eden to Eternity in 100 words a day

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Thanksgiving is a time when we all give thanks for the things we have whether no matter how large or how small. The most precious gift I feel to give thanks for is good health and of course the love of your family and friends.

Words are powerful. They can encourage your to soar or they can make you feel sad. They can tear you apart when they are meant to be mean or cruel or they can redeem you when you repent or say you are sorry. Whether it is one word or a thousand it does not matter as long as the messenger sends it and the recipient understands and gets it.

In her book Thanksgiving! From Eden to Eternity in 100 Words a day author Sheila Deeth reaches out to young people of all ages to help them understand the true meaning of giving thanks and the wonders of the Bible by creating a 30 day calendar for the month of November with each day bearing the name of something important that happened when God decided to create this beautiful world for us to live in.

Each story is 100 words that capture the reader’s attention from the first sentence. For children this book will help teach them many lessons taught in the Bible in a way that they will not only enjoy learning but make them hunger for more.

Starting with the Creation of the world on the first day of the month and explaining how God created the sun, the moon, nature and more the author draws you in and captures and envelopes your mind to help answer those questions you might never have answered. Ending each story in her unique way a special thank you to God for the lesson he taught in the story that was read. Answering questions like why we live by God’s Laws to how we learned to share God’s meal and embrace his wisdom, this book is filled with lessons that can fill hours in every Sunday sermon or Sunday school class.

My favorite story The Tower of Babel teaches children that they are not the only ones that argue and have misunderstandings. It ends with thanking God for the gifts of all our different languages and cultures. I love that. We need to learn to understand our differences and embrace the cultures of others to have a better way of living in this world as friends. In the story Abraham’s Sons we learn the meaning of forgiveness and healing and hope. Every story, every one hundred words are so powerful and so inspiring you have to read this book with your family and children.

Each of the lessons learned and the thank yous at the end of each story really help to bring to light the true meaning of Thanksgiving and more. I love the story about the Ten Commandments and how Moses returned with the gift of law from God. I love the story about Esther and how she became queen. You need to read this book to find out more. But as the author so aptly puts it on the last page. The Restoration and the world and its beauty are restored. If everyone would put aside their differences and remember the wonders that God created for us and the laws and wisdom to learn what is safe and what will harm more and us: We might truly eliminate hate and wars and the mean. Thank you God for giving us all that you have and thank you Sheila Deeth for writing this book to remind us of how lucky we are.
Fran Lewis
author of the Bertha Series of books

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