Reviews of A Bible Book of Colors

All reviews posted with permission.

What a great way to teach children colors and the understanding at the same time. How we came to have darkness and how God created light and the rain and wet gray earth. Each page teaches the meaning behind a color and the significance that color plays in the creation of our world and its meaning. God lived with the people in the light until they disobeyed him and had to once again live in the dark. This tells the reader that the colors are gift from God and you need to earn them and listen and obey him to have the light. But, when God restored the colors after sending in a flood to do away with the darkness, he created the most beautiful of all sights: A Rainbow. I love rainbows and the colors are so perfect: Red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, dark blue, and purple. A rainbow to remind us that he loves us. But, when she tells how he gave the priests medallions and twelve precious jewels and their descriptions how brilliant of the author to explain the meanings behind these precious gifts and more. God lived in the middle of his temple and gave his people light but those on the outside lived in darkness and were not part of his temple. So God created made a world that will be his city and his temple with streets lined of God and the walls filled with all of the precious stones and jewels that he has created. This amazing book teaches not only the meaning of the creation but colors and living in the light of God forever.
Fran Lewis
author of the Bertha Series of books

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