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Elementary and middle-school readers for book-lovers of all ages...
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Bethlehem's Baby:

See the first Christmas through the eyes of the shepherd's grandson, the wise men's servant, the horrified mother, the lonely teen, the nervous soldier and more, all told in five-minute stories to be read alone or linked into one large tale.

Nazareth Neighbors:
Meet Jesus in the "hidden years" as he grows from child to man. Meet his friends on the street. Watch his parents and neighbors at work. And imagine the experiences that might have inspired the parables he told later.

Galilee's Gift:
Follow along the with disciples, from Jerusalem, through Samaria, to Galilee and beyond, then back again. Meet the child who was raised from the dead. Meet the boy whose loaves and fishes fed five-thousand. And meet the master as teaches and heals the people.

Jerusalem Journey:

Follow Jesus on that final journey. Walk with him during that final week. Meet the child whose donkey he rode, and the boy whose mother cooked the Passover meal. Then wait for Easter, when it all begins to make sense.

Peter's Promise:
Then meet the early Christians, Peter, Stephen, Mark and more, plus some children who aren't quite sure what's going on. The stories stand alone again, but link into one long tale of the life of Peter.

Paul's Purpose:
Paul wanted to be perfect but ended up opposing the one perfect man. Then he changed his purpose in life and spread the Christian faith around the known world.

Genesis People:

Imagine global warming bringing on the flood. Imagine volcanic eruptions round Sodom and Gomorrah. Imagine the feelings of everyday children as they watched events unfold. And now let your children imagine it too. Bible people are just like you and me. The Bible world is the same world we study in science and history. The mysteries are truly miraculous. And only God knows all the answers. Five minute read-aloud stories and prayers with a final “Did you know?” section that might surprise even the most hardened skeptic. Genesis People, for real people who just might end up reading the real Bible.

Exodus Tales:
How did it feel to see the river turn to blood? What did manna taste like? Why didn't the children burn themselves on the column of fire and smoke? Let your children keep asking questions as you tell them simple stories of long ago.

Joshua's Journeys:
Have you ever heard of a talking donkey? Can you imagine how you'd knock a city down with a trumpet? Have you ever walked toward a raging river and seen it suddenly run dry? Find out about the everyday lives of God's people as they treked across the desert and finally entered the Promised Land.

Psalm Stories, Psalm Stories 51-100, and More Psalm Stories:
Ideal for children's sermons and children's church, this set of 150 5-minute stories contains a "parable" for each of the Bible's 150 psalms. Contemporary, historical, realistic, scientific and fantastical, there's something for everyone in this collection.

Bible Gift Books

Variously described as "Cliff Notes to the Bible," "seasonal calendars," "the Big Book in Little Pieces," etc., these Bible gift books are designed for easy reading. Each story is precisely 100 words (a drabble), and each is illustrated with original full-color pictures. Written and illustrated by Sheila Deeth, with Bible references for every tale, these books can be read any time of year, or can be used to make each season special.

Christmas! Genesis to Revelation in 100 words a day
Easter! Creation to Salvation in 100 words a day
Thanksgiving! From Eden to Eternity in 100 words a day
Revelation! Easter to Pentecost in 100 words a day

Put the whole Bible back in to Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving or Pentecost.
(And yes, you'll need the whole Bible to understand Revelation!)

Bible Picture Books

Let your beginning readers learn numbers and colors, while introducing them to the timeless story of the Holy Bible. Unique color-coding for color words and numbers aids reading and comprehension. Bible colors, from creation to the ark to the Temple to the Holy City: Bible numbers from zero to infinity:

A Bible Book of Colors
A Bible Book of Numbers
A Bible Book of the Alphabet
A Bible Book of Laws
A Bible Book of Chess